Championship Showdown at PKT (Final 2 Races)


Before the final race was set, a slight change in the rules mixed things up for all the drivers and gave everyone a chance of fighting for the championship. Instead of having all 4 rounds count towards the championship, we introduced a two-race final with the worst of the first three rounds being dropped. This allowed for those that performed poorly or weren’t able to make one of the first three rounds a chance to win the championship at the final two races.


We headed back to Picton for a full GP experience, which included a practice, qualifying then a 15 lap race followed by an 18 lap race. These two races would count towards the championship and it was the first time this year that we had a full field of 18 drivers battle it out in back to back races.


After a gruelling season and final two races, Jarred won the final two races and the overall driver championship for 2018. He is now a two-time Karts & Kebabs Champion and winning 4 of the 5 races this year helped him achieve the overall win and the Medium Class win. Jarred is now the only driver in Karts & Kebabs history to be a winner in two different weight classes. Congratulations again!


Coming home in 2nd place in the Championship was Steven Le, winner of the 2014 and 2015 Championships. Both Jarred and Steven are the only two drivers to have multiple championships under their belts.


Only 2 points behind Steven was Jeffrey, the 2016 Champion and Rookie of the Year. Jeffrey. Jeffrey becomes only the second driver in Karts & Kebabs history to have walked out of his kart during a race and still finish in the Top 3 overall at the end of the season.


Both strong results from Jarred and Jeffrey helped them secure the Team Championship for 2018 and they have now won it back to back for two years in a row. A great achievement for two very fast and determined racers.


Moving onto the rest of the weight class winners, last year’s Rookie of the Year, Mukessh (aka Mukesshcumacher) top the Light Class leaderboard and secured the win by a mere 1 point from teammate, Vince.


Michael Wu  Kieren, a long time Karts & Kebabs competitor, also secured his weight class win by 1 point, ahead of Kieren Michael Wu. Going into the final race, we had three drivers on equal points for the Heavy Class, so it was a strongly contested category this year.


To wrap up the final presentation of 2018 and a dark horse among the rookies, Jacky Ng took home Rookie of the Year for 2018 with his strong results in the final two races of the season.


That wraps up the awards for the 2018 Karts & Kebabs Championship. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the drivers that have competed throughout the 5 years that this competition has been running and although we aren’t 100% set on a series for next year, we do hope that we’ll continue to kart and enjoy many kebabs together in the future.

Until next time, stay safe and happy Karts & Kebab’ing.


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