The race for Kart 20 at PKT (Rd.3) – 2018


We return to Picton Karting Track for Round 3 of the 2018 Karts & Kebabs season and this time the rain held out and it was a dry race.

Due to scheduling issues, the date and venue was changed last minute so the field was quite thin for this round but it didn’t stop the action out on track.


Again, the karts were randomised between practice, qualifying and the race and after practice and qualifying, everyone had their eye on Kart 20 as it propelled Marty to P2 in qualifying.


However, when it came time for the race, Kart 20 wasn’t assigned to any driver and we all thought we had a level playing field in terms of kart performance and we all looked forward to fighting for that top step on the podium.



There was a last minute kart change and according to Jeffrey the driver that ended up in Kart 20, it was at the staffs discretion to change the kart (allowed in the rules and regulations) as his initial kart was having issues. Some call this #kartchangegate and it’s no surprise it’s controversial as the driver in question is fighting to claim first place, not only at Picton but in the overall championship.


Kart 20 Jeffrey soared to the lead in the very first lap from 6th place and stayed there until he crossed the chequered flag first and also set the fastest lap of the race so maximum points scored for #kartchangegate Jeffrey. It was the first time this season Jarred wasn’t on the top step but as they’re teammates, Rubbing’s Racing is 6 points clear in the Team Championship.


Raja, the current Rookie leader finished in second followed closely by Jarred, who still holds onto the lead in the Drivers’ Championship.

This is how the rest of the field finished, plenty of DNCs unfortunately and this has caused the organisers to change up the rules a bit and the format of this year’s championship will be amended.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.27.47 pm

Thanks again to everyone that came out for the race even though there was a last minute change. Apologies to those that couldn’t make it because of the change. We are doing our best and believe we have found a solution that will give everyone a fair chance and these updates will be revealed shortly.

The details for the final race(s) will be released at the same time as the updated format so make sure you check back soon to see how it all unfolds.


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