Chaos at Luddenham (Rd.2) – 2018


Luddenham Raceway played host to the second round of the 2018 Karts & Kebabs Championship.

We had 19 drivers turn up to battle it out for the top step and it was the first time in Karts & Kebabs history that we raced for position at Luddenham, as we usually use this track for time attack.

We had a GP lined up which involved a warmup, qualifying and a rolling start race with karts being randomised between each session.


The day ran very well the mixing up of the karts made it quite interesting between each session.

In the end, when it came time to race, the staff’s ruling on contact became very strict and black flags were flown throughout the race for a number of drivers and this ensured that the order was mixed up in the final race.


On the last lap, Jarred crossed the line first followed closely by Blandon then Raja, a rookie for this season. Unfortunately, there were issues with staff mixing up the results but we managed to have it all sorted to thanks to Vince, who also managed to do the fastest lap of the race and scored an extra point for doing so.

The full results are as follows:

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.34.13 pm

Despite the mix up in results and the untimely staff change, which resulted in the black flag being shown to nearly all of our drivers it was still a great day of racing and socialising with likeminded individuals who liked to race hard and have a bit of banter with each other. Albeit, one driver was quite livid with being shown the black flag that he decided to exit his kart momentarily while in the pits to calm down a bit but then continued to finish the race. Better luck next time Jeffrey mate!


Thanks to everyone that came out for the race and we look forward to the upcoming rounds.


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