Race Two: Ultimate Karting Sydney

UKS_Karts-19Race two of the 2015 has just wrapped up and what a race it was. Just the second race of the season and being the first ‘time-attack’ type round it definitely proved to be just as exciting and intense as racing for position.

Ultimate Karting Sydney (UKS), one of the best indoor karting facilities in Sydney, hosted the second race of the 2015 Karts & Kebabs season. The 450m long track has seen some slight changes since last season but it didn’t stop drivers putting down some very quick lap times, even though for many it was their first time at the track.

The format for this year’s race was a bit different as the drivers were split up into two groups with heavy drivers in Group A and light drivers in Group B. This meant there were 10 drivers in Group A but only 8 drivers in Group B due to Skaife Dine of James Dine Racing and Ameet Prakash of The Leftovers unable to attend the race. However it was still the best overall time of the combined groups that would win the race.

UKS_Karts-9 UKS_Karts-5This year’s winning time was 28.957s (0.004s off last year’s top time) set by the naturally fast (and light) Blandon Le of Moe GP, who also set this time in the very first session for Group B and unknowingly became the time to beat for the whole race. This strong result from Blandon suprisingly moves him up from fourth to second in the Driver’s Championship, just 2 points behind championship leader, James Aleksandrowicz. Unfortunately his teammate, Daniel Nguyen, finished in 11th place with a time of 29.684s and added 1 point to the team’s total score of 32, which means they retain their 3rd overall position in the Team Championship.

UKS_Karts-4 UKS_Karts-12One of Garlic Sauce Racing’s driver came second again but this time it was Jonathan Mowad with the strong result for the team. His time of 28.964 (+0.007) in the final of the three sessions for Group A was just shy of winning the race but still a very quick lap time for the heavier teammate. The lighter teammate, Steven Le, who finished in P2 at Picton only managed secure P6 with a time of 29.131, which was set in his first session. The pair’s results means they have swapped positions in the Driver’s Championship with Jonathan now in third place and Steven down to fourth. Garlic Sauce Racing’s results meant they closed the gap to current leaders, OzMPS Racing by 1 point and are currently trailing by 8 points in the Team Championship.

UKS_Karts-10 UKS_Karts-7Last year’s winner, James Aleksandrowicz, rounded out the top 3 with a time of 28.988 (+0.031) that he managed to put down in his final session. P3 was good enough for James to stay in the lead of the Driver’s Championship but by a mere 2 points. OzMPS Racing’s other driver, Steve Reed, also put down his fastest lap of 29.056 in his final session, which was good for P5 for race two but this meant he has dropped down to fifth from third overall in the Driver’s Championship. OzMPS Racing still lead the Team Championship with 52 points.

UKS_Karts-6 UKS_Karts-8The only other driver to be in the 28s was Hieu Nguyen of Yez Racing, who had a poor start to the season but managed to turn it around in race two. Hieu was was topping the time sheets in the first two sessions for Group A and his time of 28.992 (+0.035) in his final session placed him in P4 and moves him up to sixth in the Driver’s Championship. Hieu’s teammate, Kevin Cheng, finished in P10 with a time of 29.671 and their combined results moves their team to fourth overall with 15 points.

UKS_Karts-13 UKS_Karts-16Guillermo Lopez of Manor Marussia Kanjo Kart Krew, who missed the opening race, finished in a respectable P7 even though he was driving with a suspected broken hand. A newcomer to Karts & Kebabs and Guillermo’s teammate, Alex Escobar, finished down the order in P18. However their results move the team up to equal seventh with 5 points even though they missed the first race.

UKS_Karts-1The only driver of James Dine Racing present for race two, Peter James, came home in P8 and scored 3 points for the team and they managed to stay in fifth place and equal with ZERO Counter-Measures in the Team Championship.

UKS_Karts-15P9 went to Toan Do of Tuk Tuk GP, who finished ahead of his teammate this time around and scored a solid 2 points for his team. Prash Ranjan unfortunately finished in P17 and added 1 point to the team’s total of 5 points overall and are one of the three teams in equal seventh position.

UKS_Karts-2 UKS_Karts-11John Hanna and Blake Noonan of ZERO Counter-Measures finished in P12 and P15 respectively. Their two single-point scores added to their overall team score of 8. This drops the team down from fourth to equal fifth overall. Hopefully Blake’s luck picks up as the season progress as he suffered kart problems towards the end of the race again, which hampered his chances of making up places in the dying moments of the race.

UKS_Karts-3 UKS_Karts-14The Della Casa brothers of DC Racing added two points to their team score of 5 and retain seventh overall in the Team Championship. Kris managed to finish ahead of brother Jared again with both finishing in P13 and P16 respectively. Kris is now 2-for-2 against his brother and if Jared doesn’t start finishing ahead of Kris, we will all know who the faster Della Casa brother is by the end of the season.

UKS_Karts-17Finally, Kieren Graham of The Leftovers and another solo driver finished in P14 with a time of 29.777, which is quite impressive for his first time at UKS but wasn’t good enough for anything higher than P14. The absence of his teammate, Ameet Prakash, resulted in the team dropping to last position in the Team Championship. Hopefully both drivers will be present for the next race and add some solid points to their team total and start moving up in the championship.

The final results from the day are as follows: